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One-stop-shopping with a very personal touch.

"De Werk BV", has a reputation for knowing everything that has to do with buying a property in the Netherlands including finding the right mortgage and all the finance and technical aspects that are involved with buying a property.

De Werk BV offers you a "one-stop-shopping" service.
Many expatriates have used this service with great success.

How does it work?
First of all we have a meeting, at your location choice, to discuss your wishes and possibilities. Because I understand that your time is limited due to your busy work schedule, we can meet in daytime but evenings at your own home is also possible.

Then we will make an assessment of your financial capabilities and possibilities within the Dutch property system.

I will tell you in broad outlines how the Dutch housing market works and together we can come to the conclusion as to whether it is advisable for you to buy or if it is better to continue renting.
Questions to be answered like what is your expectation for the next few years in terms of work and family. What are the possibilities for renting out the property in the future?

If we decide to work together, I will guide, advice and assist you through the whole process, step by step.
Based on your priorities, requirements and desires, I will start searching for suitable properties. Meanwhile I will present you my initial financial calculations so we both know what your personal price range is and what you can expect on monthly costs of a possible mortgage.

We will do the viewing of the properties together and once we have found you the right one I will do the negotiations; both on terms, price and conditions.
I will assess all the paperwork. - a lot of it is in Dutch - before you sign anything.
I will organize the required valuation of the property and if necessary arrange a structural survey.

Meanwhile we can discuss the details of the mortgage and as an independent advisor I will present the best financial lender for you on the Dutch market.

On our next appointment I will bring the mortgage proposition of the chosen party and collect all the required documents. This way your contact is with me, which eliminates the necessity of yourself having to "shop around" and meet with various financial institutions, saving you valuable time.

Together we will go to the notary where the actual delivery of the property will take place and I will make sure, when your Dutch is not sufficient or if preferred, that there is an official interpreter present.

Finally, if you do not have your own accountant, I can arrange what is necessary with the Dutch Tax authorities.

That is not all, because I will also offer you the best insurances, and in the years to follow we will also meet on a regular base to see if there has been changes in your life, which may require adjusting your financial and insurance needs.

Finally our first appointment is completely free of charge in which you can decide for yourself how you want to proceed.

I am looking forward to your contact.

De Werk BV
Jos van Workum